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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida

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Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is a widely accepted option for individuals struggling to make ends meet. When individuals can no longer afford to pay off their debts to creditors and their only option is the liquidation of all non-exempt assets, they often pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While it sounds intimidating, the reality is that Chapter 7 can completely reboot your finances.

The only catch to this form of bankruptcy is determining your eligibility, but don't let this deter you. At Alan J. Fisher, PA, bankruptcy and its many nuances are our forte. A Boca Raton bankruptcy attorney from our firm would be honored to give you back the future you deserve.

How do I know if am eligible for Chapter 7?

If you've ever heard anyone mention the means test, they are referring to Chapter 7's 'gateway' of sorts. The means test determines who can, and who can't, file for Chapter 7 by way of your income.

This test is comprised of two factors:

  • Whether your income is lower than the median income for households in your state
  • Whether you have enough disposable income to repay certain debts

Once you are deemed eligible, you can begin the filing process. The entire timeframe is anywhere from four to six months and costs $335 in filing fees. Immediately after submitting your paperwork, an automatic stay is enacted over your finances. This prevents creditors from attempting to collect what they're due, including wages, your home, and your car.

The state of your property after filing for Chapter 7 depends on what you own and what type of exemptions you choose to use. Nonexempt property may have to be given up, but other forms of property can be kept in your name. It all depends of the value of each item.

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There is much to consider before you file and it's enough to overwhelm even the savviest individual. We're here to make the hard decisions with you, staying closely connected every step of the way and ensuring you remain informed of your options.

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