Why Choose Alan J. Fisher?

Our founding attorney, Alan Fisher, approaches each case with a fresh perspective. We understand that what worked for one client may not work for you and look forward to landing on a strategy tailored that is right for your situation. Backed by 30+ years of experience, individuals throughout Boca Raton have benefited from working with our bankruptcy attorney.

Wage Garnishments

Have You Been Ignoring Debt?

Ignoring debt does not make it go away. In fact, it may lead to heavier consequences than it would have been to just pay off the debt in the first place. On top of the harassing calls from creditors and letters from lenders, you may start experiencing a collection tool that you may not have realized was even an option; wage garnishment. Wage garnishing is a court initiated process that withholds a portion of your paycheck and has the money dispersed among the lenders to help repay debts and credits.

If you are facing wage garnishments, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Wage garnishments can be horribly embarrassing because not only are you struggling with a financial situation at home, but now your employer is involved and aware of your hardship. But you should know that there is a way to stop wage garnishment, though, and sometimes the best way to halt the withholdings can be filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will put an automatic stay on all collections processes and can help you get a clean and fresh start on your financial situation.

Working with Alan J. Fisher, PA

When you work with my law firm, you will be working with an understanding and reliable attorney who can help you assess your current financial situation and work towards a positive future. One of the most difficult things in anyone's life is trying to work through a financial crisis such as wage garnishment, but you can rest assured that when you work with our team, you will be working towards relieving some of your debts.

If you have questions regarding your current situation,or are ready to file, contact our firm today to receive a free case evaluation.