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Our founding attorney, Alan Fisher, approaches each case with a fresh perspective. We understand that what worked for one client may not work for you and look forward to landing on a strategy tailored that is right for your situation. Backed by 30+ years of experience, individuals throughout Boca Raton have benefited from working with our bankruptcy attorney.

Creditor Harassment

Stop the Calls! Let a Boca Raton Attorney Fight for You

When you find yourself facing a financial hardship, you can also find yourself facing an onslaught of harassing calls and letters from collectors and creditors. If you are in a tough situation and are ready to stop the calls, you should know that you have rights. There are a few things that you can do to stop the harassments, and some things that you should know creditors and collectors are legally not allowed to do.

You can stop the collectors and creditors from harassing you by filing for bankruptcy. This is considered the most effective way to stop the calls, because once you have filed, there will be an automatic stay that is sent out to all collection agencies or creditors that say that you are undergoing bankruptcy and that they must immediately cease all collections against you. This can also help you if you are facing foreclosure.

Did you know that you collectors are not legally allowed to use harassing methods to attempt to collect any debts from you? This means that they cannot use derogatory or threatening terms, repeated calls, harassing letters or call you repeatedly at work. If you have filed for bankruptcy, under the United States Code Section 362, it is illegal for collectors to demand more money than you owe or send threatening calls or letters your way. If you are having a hard time with agencies or creditors, it is important you contact an attorney right away.

Our Lawyers Can Help

If you are being harassed, an attorney from Alan J. Fisher can help you. When you work with our professional legal team, you will be able to have your calls stopped. Filing for bankruptcy can be your best option and if you are questioning your eligibility, you can contact our firm for a free case evaluation. Our team can even help you find a draft a letter to send to the harassing creditors.

You should never have to face the stress of these calls and letters alone, contact our firm today.